Hello, how…how do I WordPress? This is 2007, reporting in, HOW DO I WORDPRESS?: An Introduction

This is a blog.

I know, I’ve been “blogging” since…late middle school? Late middle school. Most of the time I go on this or that emotionally-focused tangent, forgetting about the outside, occasionally-stalky world picking up on my every word. This blog exists, now, for a lot of my creative energy. I want to rant and whine (or praise and extol, depending on the inclination) without devolving into teenage embarrassment or suicidal ideation. There are many things on my mind, and most of those are vaporized in one-hundred-and-forty Twitter characters or in the unorganized shuffle of Tumblr drama nonsense.

My idea is to keep this site both long-form and self-accountable. Returning to school has put a surprising amount of attention on my writing and character, traits that, for a long time, seemed rather worthless to the man walking down the street. Now I’ve been approached and asked about the work I’ve put in to my major, and will need a place to direct folks. Telling professors “Yeah, so…follow my stuff and hope it isn’t all reblogs and inside jokes,” may not always cut it.

Friends of old know of my temperamental attitude towards the people and passions closest to me. My hope is that others can know this, as well, albeit with a matured style of writing.

“Young Adult” is pretty much done to me.


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